Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 109

Kinda funny piece for a day of flight...hope I didn't leave anything important behind.  I've got my Visa so I should be good to go.  Look forward to a few days of pre-scheduled posts.  I'm off visiting friends for a week!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 104


Hey, along with the painting for the day, how about an actual update on the house, eh?

There wasn't anything supporting the concrete stairs at the North back entrance, so they were pulling away from the house a bit (been in place since the place was built in 1928 we think) and the wood at the back was totally rotten.  So, it was demolished and pulled out. 
Dave and his power tool

The creepy crawl space was cleaned out and the ceiling (floor for the main floor by the washing machine) was lifted a bit and resupported, as some Wunderkind cut into the joists at random spots. 
Then a concrete floor was poured (instead of dirt, how novel) and everything was closed back up again.  As the one set of stairs was new, I figured I might as well have absolutely no money left in the bank, so we had the other stairs done as well. 
Ta-da!  This is what a trip to Europe should look like, but instead it looks like a sturdy floor and a couple sets of stairs.
this wasn't keeping much out of the basement, now was it?

the found evidence of long gone powder post termites, too.  Supports turned to dust on the inside.  Super freaky.

like how they stucco'd right over the original cedar siding?

see the notches in the joist?  Upper right, big notch...just gone.  Who does that?

see that jack?  It's actually lifting up the backside of my house.
supporting the building above

what lovely supports!

like the hole in my basement?  It's about as effective as the rotten wood that was there, but less smelly.

ahhh, so nice and so clean!

backside of the house now.  We figure this used to be a porch and some bright soul closed it in.  I think a bit more thought should've gone into it, but hey, I wasn't even born when they decided to do this, so there's not much I could've done, eh?