Friday, June 13, 2014

Rot & Ants

Oh the joys of renovating a bathroom.  Oh the anxiousness of doing it when you're not actually there to oversee everything.  Oh the money one can spend.  Oh the rot water can cause.  Oh the devastation carpenter ants can cause.  oh oh oh oh oh oh!!!

Todd Moore was kind enough to tackle this daunting project and keep me in the loop via photos and many emails back and forth.  Here are the photos from the demolition and then the result of an extra 8 hours of labour.  That's gonna cost me. 

Damn rot.  Damn ants.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It's only 20 days until we move, but really only 17 until we have the movers come and take it all away.  For some reason, I keep thinking we've got it under control and it doesn't take anyone that bloody long to pack.  And then I remember - I'm not just anyone.  I'm logging everything in the boxes into a OneNote spreadsheet.  I've had movers lose stuff before, so this time I'd like to actually know what I have when I leave the house and what shows up at the next place. 
But damn!  It's a long and arduous process.  I just found seven (7!!) boxes of Christmas stuff.  And I don't decorate much for it.  So what am I doing with seven boxes of it?  Heaven only knows.